June 16, 2024

X-Ray Visions

X-Ray VisionsX-Ray Visions, Inc. is a medical imaging provider for the Washington DC,Maryland,  Virginia, Southeast Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Our ownership has a combined 100 years of local experience and customer relations.

Our sales and service departments offer medical imaging solutions to hospitals, imaging centers and private practice facilities. Our product portfolio includes DR, CR, PACS and analog equipment as well as film, chemicals, and imaging accessories.

Our imaging and film-handling engineers are the backbone of our organization. X-Ray Visions is a multi-vendor, multi-modality service organization with ongoing training in digital technologies. All our service engineers have a minimum of 15 years experience and are factory trained.

As an NHD Shareholder, X-Ray Visions can offer to its customers a combination of local sales and service and access to National and regional Group Purchasing Organization contracts.

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X-Ray Visions
7635 Fullerton Court
Springfield, VA 22153
Telephone:(703) 321-8400
Fax:(703) 321-8844
email: info@xrayvisions.net

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