July 12, 2024

RadSource Imaging Technologies, Inc joins NHD

NHD is pleased to announce that RadSource Imaging Technologies, Inc has joined NHD.  RadSource is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri and has been serving customers since 2001.  They provide services in Kansas, Nebraska and Western Missouri offering DR, CR, X-Ray and PACS solutions and service.

RadSource is dedicated to providing customers the absolute best choice when it comes to new or refurbished equipment.

About NHD NHD Inc. is owned and operated by 32 independent regional suppliers of products and services for medical imaging.  Collectively these regional suppliers of medical imaging products and services generate more than $300 million in annual sales.  NHD operates approximately 70 distribution centers, has more than 400 service technicians and 200 professional sales representatives.  NHD has extensive medical imaging experience and offers value in their National Account Programs and in cosolidating their operations such as logistics, information technology, and purchasing.  NHD is proud to offer expertise within the full continuum of imaging needs, from analog to digital.