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Accessory : Contrast Agents
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Product ImageProduct CodeProduct titleProduct DescriptionItem CountItem Status
C4050060Angiography Syringes8Please Call
168785CheeTah2.2% w/w barium sulfate suspension. Ready-to-use.

Exceptional flavor greatly enhances
6Please Call
575Defecography Examination1Please Call
901401Small Bowel Enterocyclis Studies9Please Call
902102E-Z-Disk1Please Call
900001VariBar Barium Suspenions5Please Call
902001E-Z-Gas Effervescent Granules1Please Call
901701Digibar 190 Barium for Digital Fluroscopy1Please Call
841MaxiBar High Density Barium Suspension2Please Call
902801Liquid Barium2Please Call
901702E-Z-HD High Density Barium3Please Call
903002Senastrast Barium Suspension1Please Call
7772-1Barium Sulfate Multi-Dose Jug1Please Call
903001Bulk Barium Sulfate Suspension1Please Call
758Routine Upper GI Unit Dose Cups4Please Call
900503E-Z-Paque1Please Call
AP14Polibar ACB Barium in Enema Bag3Please Call
312Sol-O-Pake in Enema Bag2Please Call
450701VoLumen Barium Suspension1Please Call
450111Esopho-Cat1Please Call
450301Smoothie Readi-Cat 2 Barium4Please Call
450104Readi-Cat 2 Barium Suspension3Please Call
450103Readi-CAT Suspension3Please Call
450001E-Z-Cat Barium Susp Concentrate2Please Call
179606Tonopaque180 gm (6.3 oz) of cherry flavored, 95% w/w barium sulfate formulation for suspension.1Please Call
169505Tomocat145 mL of concentrate in a 490 mL (16 oz) unit-dose bottle. Strawberry flavored,1Please Call
169507Tomocat225 mL of strawberry flavored, 5% w/v barium sulfate suspension for dilution. Two 1000 mL dilution bottles per case.1Please Call
139542TonojugCherry flavored, 95% w/w barium sulfate formulation for suspension.1Please Call
169415PrepcatStrawberry flavored, 1/5% w/v barium sulfate USP suspension. Ready-to-use. Unit-dose bottle with straw hole, screw cap, .1Please Call
129722Medebar650 mL of Medebar1Please Call
179312Liquid BarosperseVanilla flavored, 60% w/v barium sulfate suspension. Ready to use.1Please Call
152115Intropaste454 gm of raspberry flavored 44% w/w barium sulfate suspension paste for esophagrams.

2Please Call
149705Liqui-Coat HD150 mL of vanilla-raspberry flavored, 210% w/v barium sulfate suspension. Ready-to-use suspension.

1Please Call
149311HD 200312 gm (12 oz) high density, strawberry flavored, 98% w/w barium sulfate formulation1Please Call
1120-06GastroMARKGastroMARK1Please Call
153318Entrocel500 mL methylcellulose solution concentrate for dilution. Low viscosity. Unit dose.

1Please Call
153218Entrobar500 mL of 50% w/v barium sulfate suspension. Unit-dose for enteroclysis and small bowel follow-through.1Please Call
155105Enemark Rectal Marker Kit150 mL of HD 851Please Call
0019-13ConrayConray5Please Call
139132BarosperseA vanilla flavored, 95% w/w barium sulfate formulation for suspension. Rapid suspending. Shake and use. Unit-dose bottle with straw hole,2Please Call
151118AnatrastFlavored barium sulfate paste in a cartridge with 1/2" tubing/tip assembly.1Please Call
169110Baro-CatBanana-pineapple flavored, 1.5% w/v barium sulfate suspension. Ready-to-use. Unit-dose bottle2Please Call
149112Baricon340 gm (12 oz) high density, lemon-vanilla flavored, 98% w/w barium sulfate formulation for suspension. Shake and use.1Please Call
262982Scan C250 mL vanilla flavored 2.1% w/v barium sulfate suspension for computed tomograhy exams. Ready-to-use unit dose glass bottle.1Please Call
901201Flexi-Cuff Tips w/Silicone Cuff1Please Call
600001Fast Find Needle Positioning GridDisposable positioning grid for CT biopsies1Please Call
0696-50Reno-60Reno-603Please Call
0707-17Renografin-60Renografin3Please Call
0365-20CholografinCholografin1Please Call
0445-35GastrografinGastrografin2Please Call
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