May 20, 2024

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Quantum Quest X-ray System / SY11 by Quantum Quest


Quantum Quest X-ray System / SY11


The Quantum Quest provides innovative solutions for today’s challenges in radiographic imaging. The Quest high frequency technology permits greater efficiency and shorter exposure time.



Quantum HF 25KW Generator

208-260 VAC single phase

Model # QG-25

S/N QG25-03G-0701

Mfg. date 7/03


Quantum Console

Model # QG-250

S/N QG250-03G-0701

Mfg. date 7/03


Eureka Collimator

Model # Linear MC-150

S/N FC-80164

Mfg. date 12/93


Fisher RMS FT 35 Table

4 way float top

S/N 1-07-90-026

Mfg. Date 7/90

Bucky tray S/N 27349



Fisher RMS Tube Stand

Model # FM60

S/N 1-12-93-064

Mfg. Date 12/93


Toshiba Tube

Model # E7239FX

S/N 5J0857

1.0 / 2.0 focal spot

140 HU

Mfg. Date 08/06


S&S Wall Cassette Holder

Model # 222470

S/N 2561


(30ft cables)




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used_00004Quantum Quest X-ray System / SY11: Please call for Availability and Pricing

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