May 20, 2024

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XMA X-ray Vet System / SY13 by XMA X-ray


XMA Table

Integrated Tube Stand

Fixed Table Top w/ cassette tray

Mfg. 01/99


XMA 360 Generator

240VAC single phase

S/N FA508-0199

Mfg. 01/99


XMA A700 Transformer

S/N C1755-0199

Mfg. 1/99


Summit Tube

Model # E77242FX

S/N 8C360

Focal Spot 1.5/0.6

Mfg. 03/99


Summit V125 Collimator

S/N TB336-0199

Mfg. 01/99


15 ft. cables













Status of Items: Please Call


Item ImageItem #DescriptionItem Status
used_00001XMA X-ray Vet System / SY13: Please call for Availability and Pricing

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