May 19, 2024

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EnviroPac Metered Pumping Systems by USI
These compact metered pumping systems can be used as a primary or electrolytic back up system They can be manually poured into or plumbed direct to your processor. The EnviroPacs utilize USIAll EnviroPacs feature an hour meter and emergency overflow alert.

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Item ImageItem #DescriptionItem Status
EPACBWF123Metered pump system for Medical Imaging/: Equipped w/6.5-gallon holding reservoir and a STC-1236 (up to 150 gallons/day)Please call for Availability and Pricing
EPACBWF7/2 Equipped w/6-gallon holding reservoir and (2) ST-MM7-EP (up to 114 gallons/day): High output capacity metered pump systemPlease call for Availability and Pricing
EPAC-BWF-3Equipped w/6-gallon holding reservoir and (3) ST-WMM-EP (up to 38 gallons/ day): Metered pump system for Medical Imaging/ B&W fixer or photo processing solutions.Please call for Availability and Pricing

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