April 25, 2024

California Radiographics

California Radiographies, Inc.California Radiographies, Inc., has serviced the x-ray community in the Central Coast since 1977 and has provided service for our customers` digital imaging systems since 2000. Digital imaging not only encompasses the acquisition of the images, but also the viewing, routing and storing of those electronic files, all while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

As system integrators and solution providers, customer service is our priority. Depending on the networking and communication needs, some modifications to the customer`s sites are often necessary. CRI will facilitate those needs, either providing the service directly or by coordinating with other companies. In addition we work directly with other equipment manufacturer`s to resolve any problems associated with the integration of their digital modalities. CRI supports the teleradiography systems for more than 100 hospitals nationwide. We provide 24 hour service every day of the year; this service includes network monitoring, phone support and on-site response. Our service engineers have been certified as network specialists and are familiar with a variety of manufacturer`s software and equipment.

California Radiographics can provide and service systems such as DR, CR, PACS, Teleradiography Gateways, DICOM conversions, Diagnostic View Stations, Archives, CD Burners, Web Servers, Laser Imagers, and Digitizers. We work with a variety of manufacturers including Canon, Quantum, Virtual Imaging, InfiMed, Agfa, Kodak, AFP, Merge eFilm, RadStorr, Radlnfo, UltraRad, NAI, WIDE, Powerfile, Rimage, Real Time Imaging, Imaging, Sony, and eRadlink. From a small site to a large imaging center, CRI can provide a solution that will best meet our customer`s needs now and in the future.

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California Radiographies, Inc.
3335 Soquel Drive
Soquel, CA 95073
Telephone:831) 462-8399
Fax:(831) 462-8397

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