July 21, 2017

Sywest Medical Technologies

Sywest Medical TechnologiesSywest Medical Technologies has operations based in: East Syracuse, NY; Rochester, NY; ,

Sywest Medical Technologies was founded in 2000. Sywest is a full service imaging company providing imaging equipment, consumables, accessories and technical services to the field of medical imaging. Sywest Medical Technologies offers film, pre-mix chemicals, silver recovery services, processing equipment, and contrast media in addition to various imaging equipment lines.

We are pleased to represent many quality manufacturers within our industry. Our experience with customers and manufacturers offer a direct and fast channel to market products and provide exceptional service. We have structured our two customer centers in Rochester and Syracuse New York to address individual customer requirements and needs.

Sywest Medical Technologies is dedicated to offering – best in imaging – through sales and service. Our locations provide a unique opportunity for all imaging customers in Upstate New York and easy access for quick answers to their imaging concerns.

Our factory trained engineers, experienced distribution team, on-site customer support and enthusiastic teamwork are the foundation to providing the response our customers deserve and rely on.

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Sywest Medical Technologies
18 Corporate Circle
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Telephone:(315) 414-0313
Fax: (315) 414-0335
email: sales@sywestmed.com

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