November 22, 2014

GE Walker

GE WalkerDuring the 32 years since George Walker first consulted with a Florida doctor who needed to purchase an X-ray machine, the GE Walker team has helped customers identify strategic opportunities and risks, weigh the choices, plan wisely, and act decisively.

GE Walker has become the oldest privately held channel of ISO quality service and distribution in the Southeast. We serve customers throughout the region from offices in Tampa, Atlanta, and Orlando. Over half of our 90+ employees are focused on field service.

The combined experience of our staff in medical imaging adds up to several hundred years. Over 1,400 customers look to us for advice. Manufacturers audit us and trust our work.

Our insights can help you optimize your medical imaging system enterprise-wide, achieving a smooth transition from analog to digital.

Though our product lines are diverse, we service everything we sell, whether new or remanufactured. You can obtain the latest image management software from us. We can also help you implement the one and only PACS system optimized for general nuclear medicine, echo cardiology, PET imaging and ultrasound.

We have exceeded $850 million in medical imaging sales, because customer needs have always been our highest priority. That`s one thing that is not subject to change.

Contact Info
GE Walker
4420 E. Adamo Drive, Suite 206
Tampa, FL 33605
Telephone: (800) 749-2483
Fax:(888) 891-0318

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